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Arisa Cox
BBCAN8 Arisa Cox.jpg
Presenter Profile
Born December 7, 1978 (1978-12-07) (age 42)
Hometown Toronto, Ontario
Known For Host & Executive Producer of
Big Brother Canada
Host of Big Brother Side Show
Years Active 2013 - present
Social Media
Twitter arisacox
Instagram arisaroo

Arisa Cox is the current host of Big Brother Canada.



On July 13, 2020, Global announced that the ninth season of Big Brother Canada would air in Spring 2021. They also announced that Arisa Cox would be promoted as an executive producer of the season, and she would work alongside Erin Brock. Cox's main new roles would giving input to the show's storyline, helping with casting and outreach, and to help increase BIPOC representation in the cast.[1]



Arisa Cox BBWiki.PNG

  • Arisa responded to a tweet in August 2017 about the Big Brother Wiki.[2]
  • Arisa originally competed on U8TV: The Lofters, Canada's first reality television show. [3]


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