María Antonia Pérez Sánchez known by her stage name Aramís Fuster is a housemate on Gran Hermano VIP 6 (Spain).


Retrieved and Translated from Telecinco.
Real name María Antonia Pérez Sánchez
Age (doubtful) 698 years accumulated in different lives
In his previous life was a black cougar
Your biggest addiction The cola drink
The most famous witch in Spain began her television career by throwing cards in her tarot. We met his most personal side in 'Hotel Glam' back in 2003. He is personally defined as the world's highest occult authority and has two children whose raffles have taken him to the set of 'Deluxe' on more than one occasion. His television displays have become mythical, as well as the multiple illnesses he says he suffers with symptoms of 'take off'. Now, he returns to television as a contestant of 'Big Brother VIP'. [1]

Nominations History- Gran Hermano VIP 6

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 3-Miriam Saavedra
2-El Koala
1-Techi Cabrera
1-Aurah Ruíz
1-Techi Cabrera

2 points
2 3-Miriam Saavedra
2-Asraf Beno
1-Mónica Hoyos
3-Ángel Garó
3-Asraf Beno
3-Aurah Ruíz
3-Darek Dabrowski
3-El Koala
3-Makoke Giaever
3-Suso Álvarez
3-Tony Spina
2-Techi Cabrera
1-Mónica Hoyos
27 points


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