April "Apey" Obera was an adult housemate in the second chapter of Pinoy Big Brother 8.

Initially one of the housemates who entertained the others and tried to make them laugh, the other housemates began to notice Apey's fierce behavior, especially during Day 8 when she clashed with housemate Yamyam and guest dreamer Marie over their differences. The housemates tried to calmly confront her about it, but it took multiple confrontations before Apey herself apologized for her words.

Big Brother soon initiated a set of tasks that led Apey to finally meeting her brother, then Star Dreamer Mark Obera. Apey was pleased at first, but when Big Brother announced that Mark was entering the house, with the caveat that they will become 2-in-1 housemates together, Apey's pride and desire to be completely independent once again caused conflict in the house, finally clashing with her own brother when presented with the task that would help her meet her father. She refused to accept help from her brother until Mark finally confronted her.

However, on day 27, the viewers had the opportunity to vote to separate Apey and Mark as two-in-housemates, and the viewers voted for them to separate and become two separate housemates.

However, a week later, Apey became one of the three nominated housemates, and was voted off of the game with 15.49% of the viewers' votes.


Apey Obera Biography

Apey was raised by her mother and her grandmother, though her mother left them at one point. She traveled from her hometown General Santos to Manila to be with her mother when they got in touch, but their circumstances and conflict drew them apart once again. She spent many years alone since then and grew up almost entirely independent. She never met her father, resulting in a longing and deep desire to meet him that she carried through her adulthood.

Camp Star Hunt Apey - The Gossip Girl

Camp Star Hunt Apey - The Gossip Girl

Player History - Pinoy Big Brother 8: Part 2

Camp Starhunt - Star Dreamer

Housemate Selection History

Ultimate Star Dreamer Challenge Win (Camp B)
Big Brother's Choice Selected
Final Result
Selected as Official Housemate
Moved In to Big Brother House

Official Housemate History

Task History

Week 9 Weekly Task Win
Week 10 Weekly Task Win
Week 11 Weekly Task Loss
Week 12 Weekly Task Win
Week 13 Weekly Task Win

Nomination History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
9 No Nominations
12 2-Wakim Regalado
1-Yamyam Gucong
2-Yamyam Gucong
1-Abi Kassem
1-André Brouillette
1-Fumiya Sankai
1-Lou Yanong
6 points
13 2-Lou Yanong
1-Yamyam Gucong
2-Fumiya Sankai
2-Lou Yanong
2-Wakim Regalado
2-Yamyam Gucong
8 points



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