Angela Wairiuko Clancy[2] was a housemate on Big Brother Australia 12.


Angela Clancy Biography

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Born to stand out, not to blend in, Angela was raised in the “Beverly Hills of Kenya” before moving to Australia without her parents when she was just 17.
Unapologetic and with strong opinions, Angela isn’t afraid to express herself. She had to fight to get where she is today and while her confidence may come across as arrogance, Angela would rather get it all out than regret things not said.
Angela may be loud and tough, but she’s also fun, kind and devoted to her family. In coming on Big Brother, the married mum-of-two wants to show Australia and her kids you can do anything you put your mind to.
Angela’s goal is to be Queen Bee of the house, in charge of the other Housemates. If she doesn’t agree with someone, she will stand her ground until they stand down. She doesn’t like stupid people and bullies make her blood boil. She’s also very impatient and enjoys deep conversations, so if you’re boring, she’s not interested.
Angela will be staying close to the people who remind her of herself; fellow go-getters who are outgoing and play the game. Her biggest challenge is that she’ll become rebellious when she feels caged, even if it means standing up to Big Brother himself.
If she wins Big Brother, Angela would put the prize money towards her mortgages and take her family to Legoland in Japan. [3]

Player History - Big Brother Australia 12

Competition/Task History

Week 1 Secret Mission Ineligible
Nomination Challenge Loss
Secret Mission Ineligible
Nomination Challenge Loss
Shopping Task Earned $150
Nomination Challenge Loss
Week 2 Reward Task Passed
Nomination Challenge Win
Reward Task Ineligible
Nomination Challenge Win
Shopping Task Earned $190
Nomination Challenge Loss
Week 3 Reward Task In the Bunker
Nomination Challenge
Nomination Challenge Loss
Shopping Task Earned $175
Secret Mission Ineligible
Nomination Challenge Loss
Week 4 Reward Task Failed
Nomination Challenge Loss
Reward Task Failed
Secret Mission Ineligible
Nomination Challenge Loss

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Laura Coriakula Yes
Nominated Allan Liang Yes
Hannah Campbell No
2 Nominator
Nominated Chad Hurst No
3 In the Bunker
Garth Saville Yes
Zoe George Yes
4 Nominated Shane Vincent Yes
Nominated Casey Mazzucchelli No

Nominator History

Nominees Evicted
Day 9
Day 11

Post Big Brother



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