Angelica Del Mar Gallettino[2] was a housemate on Big Brother Portugal 5.


Angélica Gallettino Biography

Retrieved and Translated from TVI
Age: 27 years
Location: Aveiro
She was born in Venezuela, where she studied journalism and later psychology. She worked for many years in her country as a journalist. 7 years ago she met a Portuguese boy who worked in a bakery in Venezuela and at that moment decided that one day she would marry him. The crisis in Venezuela and the insecurity they felt caused them to come to Portugal and get married last year. An only daughter says it is very difficult to be away from her parents and dreams of being able to go to her country to celebrate her wedding with her family. Angélica considers herself to be outgoing and very communicative. She is safe, fearless and prejudiced against people who conform. It aims to inspire others who fight for their dreams and who had the courage to start life from scratch.[3]

Player's History - Big Brother Portugal 5

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Rui Alves
Pedro Soá
Rui Alves
3 Iury Mellany
Noélia Pereira
Ana Catharina França
Pedro Soá
4 Diogo Cunha
Daniel Guerreiro
Soraia Moreira
Iury Mellany
Slávia dos Santos
Soraia Moreira
5 Ana Catharina França
Renato Ponte
Noélia Pereira
Diogo Cunha
Soraia Moreira
6 Teresa Silva
Diogo Cunha
Ana Catharina França
Diogo Cunha
Slávia dos Santos
Soraia Moreira
7 Soraia Moreira
Slávia dos Santos
Noélia Pereira
8 Ana Catharina França
Iury Mellany
Daniel Guerreiro
Diogo Cunha
Noélia Pereira
The Viewers


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