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Andrew Tate was a housemate on Big Brother 17 (UK). Before coming into the house, he was an established Mixed Martial Artist.

Andrew is half American (on his fathers side), half British (on his mothers side).

A huge strategist, Andrew came into the game with a strategy. He was revealed to be an "Other Housemate", who did not have housemate status, and had to earn his housemate status. He was voted by the public to temporarily move into the main house as apart of a secret task, still as an other housemate with another non housemate, Ryan Ruckledge. Unfortunately, his gameplay backfired, as immediately upon entering the main house, he and Ryan both started to argue with the housemates on their two faced actions. (Due to the fact they were secretly watching them before they entered).

He was controversially removed from the house, after pornographic content of him whipping a woman was leaked. After he was removed, it was revealed that the woman involved consented to what was in the video.

After his departure, Andrew alleged that there was a different reason as to why he was ejected. Andrew believes he was removed as a result after unaired altercations with other housemates Chelsea Singh, Marco Pierre White Jr, and Jackson Blyton, got very heated and due to Andrew's fighting background, Big Brother feared violent repercussions due to this, and ejected him from the house.


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Twitter: @cobratate
Home town: Chicago/Luton

  • Andrew is a member of Mensa.
  • Andrew is a four-time World Class Kickboxing Champion. His brother, who Andrew claims is his only true friend, trains him.
  • Andrew believes that a man should be able to sleep with as many women as he wants, but that does not apply to women.[1]

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House History

Week 1 The Others House
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Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Laura Carter
Alex Cannon
Jackson Blyton
The Others
2 Ejected



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