America's Winner (or Canada's Winner in Big Brother Canada) is the original format to have a winner in Big Brother 1. Rather than The Jury voting for a winner, it would be decided with a public vote. It would later become a twist when the public would cast one vote to win, with Jury members casting the rest. In the event that a HouseGuest walks from the game or is expelled during the Jury stage, America will vote in their place, with the other Jury members voting as normal. It would later become the focus again in Big Brother: Over The Top.


Voting History

List of America's Winner Votes

Direct Winning Voting

Season Winner Runner-Up Third Place
Name Percentage Name Percentage Name Percentage
1 Eddie McGee 59% Josh Souza 27% Curtis Kin 14%
OTT Morgan Willett N/A Jason Roy N/A Kryssie Ridolfi N/A

One Jury Vote

Season Choice Choice Win?
8 Dick Donato Yes
11 Jordan Lloyd Yes

List of Canada's Winner Votes

Season Choice Choice Win?
2 Jon Pardy Yes
4 Nick & Phil Paquette Yes


  • Due to the even numbered Jury of 10 on Big Brother 3, America voted for a winner in case there was a tie (5-5). However, as there was no tie between the Final 2, Lisa Donahue and Danielle Reyes, the results were never revealed, since Lisa won 9-1.
  • In seasons where the public had one Jury vote instead of making the entire decision, they always voted for the eventual winner.
  • The only planned America's Winners were in Big Brother 1, 3, 8, and OTT. The only planned Canada's Winners was Big Brother Canada 2.
    • Big Brother 1 and OTT had America vote for the winner out of the final 3.
    • Big Brother 3 had planned an America's vote in the event of a tie, although that did not occur.
    • Big Brother 8 had Eric Stein as America's Player, and since he made it onto the Jury, he voted on behalf of America.
    • Big Brother Canada 2 had a Jury of 6, with Canada being the 7th "Juror."
  • During Big Brother 11, Chima Simone was expelled during the Jury stage, so America had gained an unplanned Jury vote in her place. Similarly, on Big Brother Canada 4, Ramsey Aburaneh walked from the game during the Jury stage, so Canada had gained an unplanned Jury vote as well. However, since Ramsey was not expelled, he was invited back for finale and cast the vote in behalf of Canada.
  • It is unknown what would happen if more than one juror was expelled during the jury stage.
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