Amber Siyavus was a houseguest on Big Brother 8.

Amber was one of the houseguests who were tormented frequently by Dick Donato. She was known for being religious, and for her frequent crying, which lead to her being given the nickname "Whamber" by Big Brother fans. She was ultimately evicted in Week 8 by a vote of 3 to 1 finishing in 7th place and becoming the third member of the jury.


Amber Siyavus (born March 17, 1980) (formerly Tomcavage before her divorce) is a cocktail waitress at Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a single mother, and she often talks of her faith and her daughter, Lexi, in the house.

Player History - Big Brother 8

Competition History

Week 1 HOH Loss
Food Win
POV Loss
Week 2 HOH Loss
Food Loss
POV Loss
Week 3 HOH Loss
Food Win
POV Not Picked
Week 4 HOH Loss
Food Win
POV Not Picked
Week 5 HOH Loss
POV Not Picked
Week 6 HOH Loss
Food Win
POV Not Picked
Week 7 HOH Loss
Food Loss
POV Loss
Week 8 HOH Loss
Luxury Win
POV Loss

Food History

Week 1 Food
Week 2 Slop
Week 3 Food
Week 4 Food
Week 5 Food
Week 6 Food
Week 7 Slop
Week 8 Food Competition Phase Over

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Nominated
2 Joe Barber Yes
3 Mike Dutz Yes
4 Nick Starcevic Yes
5 Kail Harbick Yes
6 Dick Donato No
7 Vetoed Jen Johnson Yes
8 Nominated
Finale Jury Member Dick Donato Yes

Post Big Brother

  • It was revealed on January 12, 2018, that Amber's daughter, Lexi, had died from a suspected suicide at the age of 18.[1][2]


  • Amber was the only houseguest on Big Brother 8 to make it to the Jury phase without winning a Head of Household or a Power of Veto competition.
    • She often came in second in competitions, including the Week 7 HOH and POV competitions and the Week 8 POV competition.


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