Amanda Rodríguez finished in 12th place in Gran Hermano 16 (Spain).


Amanda Rodríguez Morales (born June 18, 1990) is a 25-year-old student from Málaga. She describes herself as artificial-looking but natural in spirit. When she entered the house on Day One, her secret remained undisclosed to the audience. In the second week, Sabrina Salerno introduced a medal at the house to play the game of immunity. The following week, several Gym Tony actors introduced another medal for the same game. The organization of Gran Hermano revealed that these medals were a clue to discover another secret. On the Internet photos of Amanda as triple jump champion began to appear. She guessed that Maite and Sofia were mother and daughter in week 2. Her secret was discovered on the third assembly of secrets. She was the seventh evicted on Day 54 in her third nomination. Her eviction was surprisingly for her: the program made Marina and Amanda believe that they were saved from elimination, then the host connected with them during the ceremony and communicated that Amanda was evicted.

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