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All In was the central theme and twist of Pinoy Big Brother: All In, and later revised into a bigger, more complex format on Pinoy Big Brother's 7th, 8th, and 10th seasons. It would also be used by Bigg Boss, Big Brother Brazil and HaAh HaGadol.

The twist involves all types of contestants from the three main editions of the series; Regular Civilian Adults, Celebrities and Teens living together in the Big Brother House within a season and competing against each other to become the winner.

An alternate international version of this twist appears on countries without Teen Seasons and is known as "Civilians vs. Celebrities" where ordinary civilians will compete and live together with famous celebrities.


Pinoy Big Brother: All In[]

  • All In (Teens vs. Adults vs. Celebrities) - For 5th season of Pinoy Big Brother, the series' Civilian Edition, Celebrity Edition, and Teen Edition merged into one edition, forming a mixed set of housemates that consisted of civilians, celebrities and teens competing against each other for the title of Big Winner.

Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7[]

  • The Dream Team - During the four-part season of Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7, the fourth batch and final part was revealed as Dream Team, wherein it adopted elements of the All In twist by forming a mix of housemates coming from the season's first three batches. These Dream Team housemates were the lucky finalists of the season's Celebrity, Teen, and Civilian batches respectively, and they competed against each other for the season's overall Big Winner.

Bigg Boss 10 (Hindi)[]

  • Celebrities vs. Commoners - In 2016, the twist was eventually adopted by the Bigg Boss series. The twist first appeared in Bigg Boss 10 (Hindi) where for the first time in the Hindi franchise which usually airs Celebrity seasons, Civilians Adults called Commoners would be living together in the house with Celebrities.

Bigg Boss 11 (Hindi)[]

  • Celebrities vs. Commoners - For the second consecutive time, the twist appeared in Bigg Boss (Hindi).

Bigg Boss Telugu 2[]

  • Celebrities vs. Commoners - The Telugu version of Bigg Boss also featured this twist on its 2nd season. However, only three civilians entered the house, against 13 celebrities.

Bigg Boss 12 (Hindi)[]

  • Pair Celebrities vs. Commoners - For its third appearance in Bigg Boss (Hindi), the 12th season featured celebrities and commoners along with their respective pair housemates.

Pinoy Big Brother: Otso[]


Pinoy Big Brother Otso Batch 1-4 Who will be the ULTIM8 Big Winner?

  • Batch Big Four - During the five-part season of Pinoy Big Brother: Otso, its fifth and final batch was dubbed as "Ultim8 Batch". Throughout Batches 1 to 4, each batch produced their own Batch Winner from their own set of Big Four finalists. However, on the Ultim8 Batch, the Batch Big Four from every Batch, along with their respective Batch Winners returned inside the house and competed against other batches to secure slots for the Big Night finale, where the season's ultimate Big Winner was named.

Big Brother Brazil 20[]

  • Civilians vs. Celebrities - The twentieth season of Big Brother Brazil featured two sets of housemates, regular adults and celebrities. For the season's first two days, the house was divided into two areas and the two groups lived separately and must not communicate with each other.

HaAh HaGadol 11[]

  • Civilians vs. Celebrities - For the first time in HaAh HaGadol, its 11th season's cast consisted of Israeli civilians and celebrities.

Pinoy Big Brother: Connect[]

  • Teen - Adult Mix: The 9th Season of Pinoy Big Brother featured a mix of Teen and Adult housemates with 4 teens entering the house. However, unlike the previous seasons, the twist was not referenced at all nor any distinction was made between Teen and Adult housemates.

Big Brother Brazil 21[]

  • Civilians vs. Celebrities - Returning in Big Brother Brazil as a fan-favorite twist, the 21st season consisted of Celebrity and Civilian Housemates competing for the grand prize.

Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10[]

  • Three Kumunities, Kumunity Top Twos, & Biga-10 - The main tenth Philippine season featured a mixed format of All In and Otso: three batches of housemates entering the house: Adults, Celebrities, and Teens. The first to enter were the Celebrities and would then be followed by the Adults and Teens. The difference between those seasons that in this season, each Kumunity would have their own Kumunity Top Twos. Those who have been proclaimed as the Top Twos of each batch in the finale occupied the first six out of ten Biga-10 slots, with the four remaining spots determined through Biga-10 Challenges. Once ten housemates remained in the house, each of the three batches must cooperate as a team through Kumuni-Test challenges in order for their batch to secure the first three (or four for the Adults) spots in the finale.

Big Brother Brazil 22[]

  • Civilians vs. Celebrities - Returning for the 3rd time as a fan-favorite, Civilians compete with Celebrities.

Big Brother Brazil 23[]

  • Civilians vs. Celebrities - Returning for the 4th time as a fan-favorite, House composed of Civilians & Celebrities for the grand prize.

Big Brother Brazil 24[]

  • Civilians vs. Celebrities vs. Annex - For the first time in Big Brother Brazil history, the house is composed of three groups, Civilians (Pipoca), Celebrities (Camarote) & Annex (Puxadinho). Two groups of Civilians compete with Celebrities for the grand prize.

Grande Fratello 17[]

  • Civilians vs. Celebrities - For the first time in Grande Fratello history, Civilians competed with Celebrities.

Gran Hermano Chile 2[]

  • Civilians vs. Celebrities - For the first time in Gran Hermano Chile history, Civilians will be competing against Celebrities.



  • The twist is also sometimes considered a "special edition" and due to its unique mix of housemates.
  • Considered as a Big Brother first at that time, the All In season was initially criticized for implementing the twist for some reasons. However as the season progressed, the negative criticisms gradually stopped.
  • In 2016, rumors circulated among British fans that Big Brother UK would be adopting this twist for its 17th season. However, it was proven to be false.
  • As of the present, Pinoy Big Brother: Otso and Pinoy Big Brother: Connect are the only seasons where this twist appeared without any celebrity housemates involved.