Alain Rochette is a housemate on Gran Hermano 17 (Spain) & Secret Story France 11.


Gran Hermano 17 (Spain)

Secret Story France 11

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39 years - Valencia (Spain)

What you need to know about it ....

Solar, positive and passionate!

He is the good friend, the one who has no enemies. Sociable, he knows how to be appreciated by his entourage.

He loves people, meetings, different cultures.

The brutal disappearance of his mother, made him an epicurean man, his only objective? Enjoy life every second!

He likes to recharge and do his yoga every morning.

Of Moroccan origin, he remains very close to his brothers.

It is Capricorn and measures 1m81

His values: to believe in oneself to realize his dreams and always be sincere towards oneself and others.

In 2007 he wants to change his life and decides to go to Spain to the unknown! Without speaking the language, without anything in pocket ...

Believe in the forces of the universe: when you are good, we give it back to you!

His walks on his motorcycle, reminds him that his freedom has no price.[1]

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