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8 Pack
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 18
Members Corey Brooks
Da'Vonne Rogers
Frank Eudy
James Huling
Michelle Meyer
Nicole Franzel
Tiffany Rousso
Zakiyah Everette
Paul Abrahamian
Paulie Calafiore
Defectors Da'Vonne Rogers
Frank Eudy
James Huling
Michelle Meyer
Tiffany Rousso
Votes Against 39
HoH Wins 6 (Weeks 1, 5, Day 58,
Weeks 9, 10 & 12)
18 (Weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Day 58
Weeks 8, 9, 10, 11, Days 90 & 99)
Veto Wins 6 (Weeks 4, 5, Day 78,
Weeks 10, 11 & 12)
Lowest Placing Member Tiffany Rousso (13/16)
Highest Placing Member Nicole Franzel

The 8-Pack was the dominant alliance formed during the first week of Big Brother 18 consisting of Nicole Franzel, James Huling, Da'Vonne Rogers, Frank Eudy, Tiffany Rousso, Corey Brooks, Michelle Meyer, and Zakiyah Everette. It was made to counter-act the other side of the house targeting the returning players.

The alliance ran the game for the first couple of weeks, quickly dismantling the other side. However, constant paranoia, lack of trust, and conflicts caused the alliance to be unstable and even caused the members to turn on each other on several occasions. Although the Eight Pack crumbled, half of their members reached the Final 8.

Throughout the game, the alliance proved to be a powerful force, winning 6 of the 15 HoH's, 6 of the 14 PoV's, and 3 of the 4 Roadkill competitions, making a grand total of 15 competition wins. Additionally, with their affiliates Paulie and Paul, they controlled the outcome for 11 out of the 15 HOHs.

Despite many of the members defecting from the alliance, three of the alliance members made it to the final four where Corey and James placed fourth and third respectively, and Nicole being crowned the winner by a vote of 5 to 4.


Corey Brooks
Da'Vonne Rogers
Frank Eudy
James Huling
Michelle Meyer
Nicole Franzel
Tiffany Rousso
Zakiyah Everette


Paul Abrahamian
Paulie Calafiore


Not too long after the game started, the returning players Nicole Franzel, Da'Vonne Rogers, James Huling, and Frank Eudy realized they needed to get people on their side so they don't get picked off. On day 5, HOH Nicole nominated Jozea Flores and Paulie Calafiore for eviction with the former as her target. After the nomination ceremony, the vets managed to pull in Tiffany Rousso, Corey Brooks, Michelle Meyer, and Zakiyah Everette.


After Frank won the Big Brother Roadkill competition, he had to secretly nominate one more person for eviction. He secretly nominated Paul Abrahamian. However, Paul won the PoV, so Frank had to choose another person to nominate. At the PoV ceremony, Paul used the veto on himself, and Frank secretly nominated Bridgette Dunning. The plan was to blindside Jozea. However, Da'Vonne later told Nicole that Bridgette was talking trash about her, so this tempted Nicole and Da'Vonne to get rid of Bridgette. However, on day 9, the alliance voted against Jozea, thus blindsiding him by a vote of 7-4-0.

Shortly after Jozea's eviction, Category four won the next HOH competition, and Paulie became the new HOH. At the nomination ceremony, Paulie decided to nominate Paul and Bronte D'Acquisto with hopes to backdoor Victor Arroyo. The alliance tried to prevent Victor from winning the Roadkill competition, but Victor ended up winning it. He secretly nominated Tiffany for eviction. When it was time to pick players for the PoV, the alliance hoped Victor would not be picked. Luckily for them, Victor was not picked. Paulie won the PoV. At the PoV ceremony, Paulie used the PoV on Paul and made Victor the replacement nominee. On day 23, Victor was evicted by a vote of 9-1-0.

Downfall Begins[]

Following the PoV ceremony in Week 2, houseguests started getting paranoid as plans for the next week started. Due to her constant paranoia and a fight they had in the past, Frank wanted to target fellow alliance member Tiffany and made this very vocal to lots of his allies. Tiffany reacted dramatically to hearing this news from Da'Vonne and set her target on Frank. Wanting Tiffany out herself, Da'Vonne fanned the flames by further pitting Frank and Tiffany against each other.

Meanwhile, many female houseguests started becoming uncomfortable around Frank, most notably Nicole, Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, and Natalie. This, along with his growing partnership with Bridgette started getting many houseguests wary of Frank. Soon, they started comparing notes and realized he has been making multiple deals with multiple houseguests and solidifying their suspicions that he was playing for himself, not for the alliance. While Tiffany was already considered kicked out of the 8-Pack by many of its members, they decided to reel her back in and shift their target on Frank.

Following Victor's eviction on Day 23, stakes were high for the HOH competition as there were many looming targets in the house now with Nicole, Corey, Da'Vonne, and James having been mentioned as further targets by members of the 8-Pack. Bridgette ended up winning the HOH comp, making many members of the 8-Pack believe Frank would have complete control over her nominations, leaving Tiffany a likely nomination. This was proven true when Bridgette nominated Tiffany alongside Paul like Frank had told her to do. Frank thought that Tiffany would be evicted. However, he didn't know that his jokes and attitude were rubbing people the wrong way, and his alliance was conspiring to eventually get him out. Frank managed to win the roadkill competition again. He secretly nominated Bronte. Bridgette won the PoV. At the PoV ceremony, she chose not to use the veto thus leaving the nominations the same. Even after the veto ceremony, Frank still believed that Tiffany was going. However, Da'Vonne and Michelle were campaigning for Bronte's eviction, so Frank would lose control. Ultimately, Da'Vonne and Michelle's plan worked as Bronte was blindsided by a vote of 5 to 4.

After Bronte's eviction, the houseguests competed in the next HOH competition which Paulie won for the second time. Paulie wanted to get rid of Tiffany. Meanwhile Frank told Tiffany that Da'Vonne told him that Tiffany was after him, and then Tiffany told him that Da'Vonne told her that Frank was after her. Frank also told her that Da’Vonne told him Tiffany was building an All-Girls alliance and Frank was her main target, which caused both former enemies to align together. On day 31, Paulie nominated Tiffany and Natalie Negrotti for eviction with Tiffany as his target. However, Tiffany won the roadkill competition and secretly nominated Corey because she wanted to break up the alliance. Corey won the PoV. On Day 34, Corey took himself off the block and Tiffany secretly nominated Da'Vonne as the replacement nominee. Prior to the live eviction, Tiffany told Nicole that Da'Vonne told her that there was an alliance between herself, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah, and Nicole which upset Nicole; Da'Vonne told James that they need to get rid of the couples which made James upset and suspicious because he is currently tight with Natalie, and Corey told Frank and Paulie that he wants to get rid of Da'Vonne because he believes that she is coming after the guys. However, Tiffany's scrambling failed as she was evicted by a unanimous 8-0-0 vote at the live eviction ceremony.

After Victor won the Battle Back Competition, he reentered the house. Following his return, the houseguests competed in there next HoH competition which James won. He then nominated Frank and Bridgette for eviction. Michelle won the PoV, her first competition win. She wanted to use the PoV on Frank because she wanted to get rid of Bridgette. However, at the PoV ceremony, Michelle did not use the veto. On day 42, the houseguests solved the clues and discovered a secret room. On day 44, Frank was evicted by a unanimous 9-0 vote. Frank was revealed not to have the return ticket and he was evicted for good. Paul won the next HoH competition. While Bridgette was the easy target, Paulie managed to talk Paul into backdooring Da'Vonne. Paulie even volunteered to be a pawn. At the nomination ceremony, Paul nominated Paulie and Bridgette for eviction with Da'Vonne as a backdoor option. That same week, Paulie won the PoV. At the PoV ceremony, Paulie used the veto on himself and then Paul named Da'Vonne as the replacement nominee. On day 51, Da'Vonne was evicted by a 6-2 vote, with Michelle and Zakiyah voting to evict Bridgette. Da'Vonne was revealed not to have the round-trip ticket and she became the first member of the jury.

Victor won the next HoH competition. James won America's Care Package. which gave him the power to eliminate two people from voting at the next eviction. Victor decided to nominate Michelle and Zakiyah for eviction, targeting Zakiyah. Paul told Paulie that he wanted Zakiyah out for being a strong girl, while Paulie told Paul he wanted Michelle out because she is an emotional train wreck and can blow up. Paulie tried to get James to use his power so the can evict Michelle, but James wasn't sure if he should do that. Zakiyah asked Paulie if he will use the veto on her if he wins and he says yes at the time. At the PoV competition, Paulie managed to win the PoV for the third time. While he wanted to use it on Zakiyah, he didn't want to anger his allies. He told her that even if he doesn't use it, she won't go. At the PoV ceremony, Paulie chooses not to use the veto, thus leaving the nominations the same.

Blowing Up Affiliate Paulie's Game[]

Prior to the eviction ceremony, the alliance members turned on their affiliate, Paulie. Bridgette, alliance affiliate, and Michelle successfully persuaded others of their theory of Paulie controlling the evictions. They talked their other affiliate, Natalie, into evicting alliance member Zakiyah; and both Michelle and Bridgette talked James into using his power. Meanwhile, Paul started to lose trust in Paulie after Paulie said he wanted to target Natalie and did not want to listen to Paul. Later on, Bridgette told Paul that Paulie told her he trusted Corey the most, so this prompted Paul to leave Paulie's side and get rid of Zakiyah. James revealed his plan to cancel Paul's and Corey's votes.

Taking Out Paulie's Showmance[]

At the eviction ceremony, Julie told the houseguests that it is double eviction week, and Michelle told the other houseguests that Paulie is running the game and right now they are handing him the money. James chose to cancel, Corey's and Paul's votes. Ultimately Zakiyah was evicted by a vote of 3 to 2 with Paulie and Nicole voting to evict Michelle. Zakiyah did not have the round trip ticket so she became the second member of the jury.

Plan Foiled[]

After Zakiyah's eviction, the houseguests competed in their next HOH competition. Michelle, James, Paul, Victor, Natalie, and Bridgette did not want Paulie to win because they wanted him out. However, their plan was foiled when Corey won the competition. After the competition, Corey talked to the guys about nominating Bridgette and Michelle, and the guys agreed. Corey then nominated Bridgette and Michelle. Corey won the PoV, thus giving him his second veto win. After the competition, Corey, Paul, Nicole, and Paulie agreed to get rid of Bridgette, and Paulie and Paul made up. Within no time the veto ceremony and live eviction occurred. Corey did not use the PoV. Ultimately Bridgette was evicted by a vote of 5 to 1 with Natalie voting to evict Michelle. Bridgette did not have the round trip ticket so she became the third member of the jury.

Ending Paulie's Game[]

Victor won the next HoH competition. He initially wanted to put up Michelle and Natalie, but Paul convinced him to turn on Paulie, Nicole, and Corey. At the nomination ceremony, he nominated Paulie and Corey with Paulie as his target and Corey as the backup plan. Victor also won the PoV that week. Paulie wanted him to use the veto on Corey because he did not want to campaign against him. However, Victor ended up not using the PoV. Paulie was evicted by a unanimous 5-0 vote. He did not have the round-trip ticket so he became the 4th member of the jury.

Sparing The Outsiders[]

With Paulie gone, Nicole and Corey were now on the outs. Natalie became the next HoH. After receiving the next America's Care Package, Michelle was granted the power of Co-HoH. She was given all the perks of the regular HOH and was required to nominate one HouseGuest while Natalie nominated the other. After being swayed by Nicole and Corey's last-ditch effort to save themselves, Natalie decided to target Paul and convinced Michelle to go along with the plan as well. As a result, Natalie nominated Victor and Michelle nominated Paul for eviction.

Paul Fights Back[]

After the nomination ceremony, Paul confronted Natalie. After their conversation, Natalie realizes she made a mistake of targeting Paul and Victor. Later, Natalie, James, and Michelle agree to target Paul. However, Paul foiled their plan by winning the PoV. Despite initially wanting to put Nicole on the block, Michelle was convinced to make Corey as the replacement nominee after Paul used the Veto on himself.

James's Decision[]

With Corey and Victor on the block, it was clear that Paul would vote out Corey while Nicole would vote out Victor. So this made James the swing vote. James initially wanted vote out Victor however, the day before the eviction, Paul and Victor attempted to convince the other HouseGuests that they were no longer working together which made James, Natalie, and Michelle wonder if they should keep Victor. Despite most of the HouseGuests believing that they had separated, James cast the deciding vote against victor, thus sending him out of the game again.

Returning Juror[]

Following Victor's eviction, the five jurors battled to re-enter the house and for Head of Household along with the four other competing HouseGuests in the "Welcome to Loch Mess" Head of Household competition. Da'Vonne and Zakiyah were quickly eliminated. Bridgette soon followed, thus leaving Paulie and Victor to battle it out. Paulie eventually got eliminated, so Victor won the competition and returned to the game.

The Outsiders Take Complete Control[]

After fighting for over two hours in a battle of endurance, Nicole became the new Head of Household for the second time this summer. With Paul having increased his standing with Nicole and Corey during the previous week, Nicole decided to work with Paul and Victor in order to target Michelle, who had lost Nicole's trust. Nicole asked Paul if he is ok with being a pawn and he agreed. To that end, Nicole nominated Michelle and Paul. Nicole also won the PoV. While the plan was to not use the veto Nicole considered getting rid of Paul because he kept asking her to use the veto on him. However, Nicole ultimately did not use the veto. James and Natalie reassured themselves and Michelle that Nicole and Corey would be loyal to them. To their surprise, Corey and Victor voted Michelle out and forced a 2–2 vote. Nicole had to break the tie and cast the final vote to evict Michelle by a vote of 3–2. Michelle then became the fifth member of the Jury.

Continued Dominance[]

Following Michelle's eviction, the HouseGuests competed in the "Poached Eggs" Head of Household competition. Victor then went on to win his third Head of Household competition of the summer. Victor, Paul, Nicole, and Corey continued to work together and maintained their Final Four alliance. James and Natalie were the easy targets, but Victor wanted James to be the main target. So at the nomination ceremony, he nominated Natalie and James with James as his target. Corey won the PoV. At the PoV ceremony, Corey did not use the veto. Paul, Victor, Corey, and Nicole decided to target Natalie. So at the live eviction, Natalie was evicted by a unanimous 3-0 vote.

Nicole and Corey Flip[]

Corey won the next HoH competition. Victor and Paul believed James would be the target, however, both Corey and Nicole decided to turn on Paul and Victor because they wanted to go to the final 3 with James. Now James went from being all alone, to a powerful position. Corey and Nicole decided to make Victor the target. So at the nomination ceremony, Corey nominated Victor and Paul with the former as his target.

Permanently Eliminating Victor[]

Corey, Nicole, and James decided that they should try to win the veto in order to keep the nominations the same and get rid of Victor. The PoV competition was a must win for Victor. However, Nicole ended up winning the PoV. At the PoV ceremony, Nicole did not use the veto thus leaving the nominations the same. Victor knew that his time was up. At the eviction ceremony, James and Nicole voted against Victor, thus sending him out of the game for the third and final time. Since there were no more opportunities to get back into the game, Victor was eliminated for good.

Nicorey In Trouble[]

Even though Victor was gone, Paul wasn't alone because he managed to talk to James about turning on Nicole and Corey even before Victor's eviction. While James was aligned with Corey and Nicole, he considered flipping on them. At the HoH competition, Paul emerged victorious for the second time thus guaranteeing him a spot in the final 3. At the nomination ceremony, Paul nominated Nicole and Corey for eviction with Corey as his target. Even though both of them were on the block, they still had a chance to keep both of them safe because whoever wins the veto will cast the sole vote to evict someone. Unfortunately for them, Paul won the PoV as well, so both of them were forced to stay on the block. Paul decided he would not use the veto at the PoV ceremony, so this meant that James would have to send either Nicole or Corey home. Paul wanted Corey out because he believed he would be a bigger threat than Nicole in the final HoH. Paul ended up not using the veto and James cast the sole vote to evict Corey.

The Winner[]

Paul, Nicole, and James competed in part one of the final HoH. Paul emerged victorious, so he advanced himself to part 3. James and Nicole faced off in part 2 of the final HoH, in which Nicole won thus advancing herself to part 3. Paul won part 3 of the final HoH and voted to evict James. Then the jury voted for a winner, and by a vote of 5-4, Nicole emerged as the winner of Big Brother 18, gaining votes from Corey, Natalie, Paulie, Zakiyah, and Da'Vonne.


  • For every week, except for week 1 and 12, a member of the alliance was nominated at least once.
  • Frank and Tiffany are the only members not to make it to the jury stage.
    • Frank is the only veteran member to miss the jury stage.
  • Tiffany was the first member to be evicted.
  • Tiffany is the only female member to be evicted before the jury stage
  • Tiffany is the only member to compete in the Battle Back.
  • Da'Vonne and Zakiyah are the only members not to win a single competition.
  • The alliance won 3 of the 4 Roadkill competitons.
  • James and Michelle are the only members not to vote for Nicole to win the game.
  • Victor is the only male juror who was not a member nor an affiliate of the 8-Pack.

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