Team Profile
Pinoy Big Brother 8 - Part 5: Ultim8 Batch
Members Jillian Pilones
Kaori Oinuma
Lie Reposposa
Karina Bautista
Lowest Placing Member Karina Bautista (13th/16th)
Highest Placing Member Lie Reposposa (6th/16th)

"Team 4G" is a team in the Ultim8 Batch of the five-part season, Pinoy Big Brother 8. Team 4G was Pinoy Big Brother 8's Batch 1 Big Four.

Known for being the first all-female Big Four finalists in Pinoy Big Brother history, Batch 1's Big Four consists of Jillian Pilones, Kaori Oinuma, Lie Reposposa and Karina Bautista.

In their batch, Lie Reposposa emerged as Batch 1's Batch Winner and received P100,000.

On Week 35, the team re-entered the house for the season's "Ultim8 Batch" and competed against Big Four finalists from other batches to secure their slots for the Ultim8 Big Night finale. With Lie becoming a Batch Winner, she automatically gained a slot in the Big Night along with other Batch Winners. However, the non-batch winners have to compete in a series of challenges, to secure more slots in the Big Night. Out of the 4 slots available for non-batch winners, Batch 1 only managed to secure one with Kaori Oinuma taking the Big Night slot.

On the two-night "Ultim8 Big Night" finale, Batch 1 failed to advance to the second night of the finale after Kaori landed in 8th Place and Lie landing in 6th Place.

Batch 1 Big Four

PBB8 Jillian Small
4th Place
PBB8 Kaori Small
PBB8 Angelie Small
Batch Winner
PBB8 Karina Small
3rd Place

Ultim8 Placements

PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Lie Small
6th Place
PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Kaori Small
8th Place
PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Jelay Small
12th Place
PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Karina Small
13th Place


  • Batch 1 had the second most slots taken in the Ultim8 Big Otso with two slots after Batch 2 who got four slots.
 Team 4G
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