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• 10/12/2018
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• 9/27/2018

Big Brother Second Chance

If you had to pick past players to re-enter the house, who would your 16 houseguests be? Rules are 16 houseguests only, no past players who walked, were expelled, won, or already played more than once, and no more than 3 from a single season. Here are my picks:

Donny (BB16)

Johnny Mac (BB17)

Frankie (BB16)

Tyler (BB20)

Eric (BB8)

Cody (BB16)

Victor (BB18)

Lawon (BB13)

Vanessa (BB17)

Haleigh (BB20)

Alex (BB19)

Danielle (BB14)

Elissa (BB15)

Aubrey (BB17)

Kryssie (BBOTT)

Jodi (BB14)

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• 8/31/2018

JC -Semi Spoiler

JC has done some questionable stuff in the house. Do you think it warrants a ejection?
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• 8/10/2018

Update Loyalties for BB20 Angela and Tyler to include eachother

I was going to do this myself but noticed that permissions are restricted on this wiki (as someone who has edited on a wiki before, I get it, this fandom can be very extreme at times and I'm sure vandalism has been a problem). Tyler should certainly be listed under Angela's loyalties given her statement in DR that she would "throw herself under a bus for Tyler". In addition to this, the two appear to have a budding showmance "#Tangela" as Tyler has more than once refered to Angela as his "Angel", kissed her goodnight and wore her sweater to the eviction ceremony this week. He also promised her he had her back "no matter what". For her part she has called him adorable repetedly and stated in her HOH interview that she has a crush on him. All this considered I feel it would be appropriate for Tyler to be added under Angela's loyalties and vice-versa and the nearest available opportunity. Thanks in advance to the moderator or admin who reads and considers this post for taking the time to do so. :)
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• 8/10/2018
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• 7/31/2018

live feeds

I don't want spoilers for big brother and I'm too young to watch the live feeds so can you put the stuff there when the episode is on the cbs channel
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• 5/13/2018

BB Can 6 Outcome

*If you do not want to know what happened at the finale don't keep reading.*
What do you guys think about Paras' win? I feel like it was undeserved considering the fact that she floated for 90% of the game. Yes, she had a social game but Big Brother has three elements social, strategic, and physical. Kaela had the strategic physical and some of the social part down while Paras only had the social part down, so why does she win?
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• 5/11/2018

Why can't we edit house guests wiki pages?

I want to write info about their game this season like they do on the Survivor wiki's but it says I can't do it.
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• 5/8/2018

Kaela Update

You need to update the amount of POV's Kaela's won (3) and you need to update it to say that Kaela has the record for most competition wins of a female BBCAN houseguest.
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• 5/6/2018

Question about the Homepage Updaters

I very much enjoy how neat the new Homepage Updater templates look but they seem a bit incomplete. For example, currently in BBCAN6, Kaela is nominated but holds the POV. There's no real condition for that on the homepage updaters, only the individual "nom" or "veto" things.

So this is pretty much a question for the admins, can "Nominated and POV" have its own spot on the homepage updaters, or should it stay the way it is? And if so, what should it say?
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• 4/24/2018

Big Brother Winner Rankings

I'm bored and like Imma post winner rankings:
19. Maggie Ausburn
18. Nicole Franzel
17. Adam Jasinski
16. Eddie McGee
15. Lisa Donahue
14. Josh Martinez
13. Jordan Lloyd
12. Andy Herren
11. Jun Song
10. Drew Daniel
9. Rachel Reilly
8. Steve Moses
7. Hayden Moss
6. Derrick Levasseur
5. Mike "Boogie" Malin
4. Ian Terry
3. "Evel" Dick Donato
2. Dan Gheesling
1. "Dr." Will Kirby
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• 3/30/2018

Online Audition For Teens

I just want to asked if there's a auditions for teens that is far from manila and they don't have any money to go there, online audition is the another way to audition.
my question is how will the online audition worked? Is there any of you can help me?
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• 9/23/2017

Featured Article Requests

This the Request Form for Featured Articles. Please post responsibly. Admins have the right to select any article as needed. Not every article will be selected.

Remember they need to be relavant to the current series/
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• 9/18/2017

Admin Discussions - ONLY ADMINS ALLOWED

This is the admin only discussion. If you are not an admin and you post here, an automatic one week ban is thrust upon you.
Admins, this is the place we will discuss upcoming events, projects, etc. Let me know what you guys think.
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• 9/15/2017

Big Brother 19 Final 3

Alright guys what do you think of the Final 3 and who do you think will win
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• 9/15/2017

New Wiki Feature: Discussions

Hello everyone, I have recently been talking to FANDOM about new features we could be adding and I was able to get the Discussion Features enabled. Let me know what you think. We will be figuring this out for a while before what we will use it for CBBUS
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